About Us

LEHILLS JOINT STOCK COMPANY (ACEBIZ) was established in 2018 with the business orientation of retail e-commerce in the US and Europe market.

With the explosion of e-commerce companies, buying goods online today is not too strange to everyone. Online purchase not only brings convenience and speed but also offers customers a much more diverse range of items and services. Therefore, ACEBIZ has been established with the desire to provide the US and Europe market with useful products to improve the quality of life and convenient solutions in daily life.

After 2 years of establishment and development, Acebiz has certain milestones and achievements. In the first year of establishment, with the desire to improve the quality of life, we created and provided products that bring useful solutions in daily life for consumers. Since the early days, knowing clearly the need to build a professional model, Acebiz's leadership has been constantly changing, creatively participating in training departments, staff enthusiastic and knowledgeable about products. Customer Service department dedicated to taking care of customers' questions.


In 2020, Acebiz will continue to innovate and improve the business direction of high-quality handmade goods produced in Vietnam. Due to the characteristics of the business industry, we always put product quality first. Careful raw material selection process, artisans understanding of design needs, quality control and production management have been enhanced to ensure that artisans can produce high quality products and showcasing the best that Vietnam has about handicraft items. In addition, we provide customized product service, ensuring each item is made to convey the customer's personal and emotional message to the recipient. Although the Covid epidemic took place, Acebiz still made continuous efforts to provide and contribute to bringing Vietnamese handmade goods to the US and Europe market in difficult times. We bring jobs to hundreds of craftsmen, solving the problem of unemployment in the country.